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The hotel follows recommendations and guidelines from local authorities, the National Public Health Organization, and the National Public Health Organization. Our staff has been trained and will continue updating in response to the new standards COVID-19.

We are making every effort to ensure a safe and healthy environment.

Below, you will find the measures that have been implemented in various areas of the hotel.


  • The utilization of protective plexiglass at the reception.
  • For the staff, use a washable or disposable mask.
  • Distances of at least 1.5 meters from customers and observance of hygiene rules are mandatory.
  • Medical kit in case of an incident, such as gloves and disposable masks, antiseptics, cleaning wipes, apron, long-sleeved robe, laser thermometer. The special kit is equipped and placed at a point behind the hotel reception.
  • Hand sanitizer and frequent cleaning of surfaces that customers frequently come in contact with such as reception desk, credit card terminals, elevator (buttons, handles), front door and knobs, vending machines, stair railing, WC.
  • Tape markings on the floor to maintain distances.
  • Marking on the elevator to avoid using it and encouragement to use the stairs.
  • Avoid overcrowding at check-in / check-out and keep physical distance.
  • Prohibition of entry to rooms to non-residents.
  • Hand sanitizers with instructions at the entrance,  the reception and all floors of the building.
  • Accommodation file and event book for the purposes of public health protection actions, the management of the accommodation keeps a record of staff members and persons staying (name, nationality, date of arrival and departure, contact details such as address, telephone, e-mail), for close contact in case of any COVID-19 case, all visitors and staff are informed that a record is kept for reasons of public health and safety in the General Regulation on Personal Data Protection ( GDPR).


  • Hand sanitizers with instructions posted in public areas of the hotel at the elevator exit as well as on the stairs of each floor.
  • Marking on the floors with color tape to remind customers to keep physical distances.
  • Ventilation of common areas, opening of doors and windows for natural ventilation of the space daily.
  • Re usable common objects such as magazines, brochures, etc. are removed.
  • The cleaning staff uses a simple surgical mask, gloves and a disposable waterproof robe.

Separation of areas of dirty and clean linen

  • The dirty clothing is put in special white bags that are closed and stored in a special area only for dirty where they are received by an external partner with industrial washing machines.
  • The clothes are washed at a temperature above 60C with certified branded detergents, which ensures the effective action against coronaviruses such as SARCov-2.
  • The clean clothing is delivered by the partner in gray bags – usually packed every 10 pieces in plastic packaging and stored in closets only for clean clothing, the packaged clothes remain closed and open only when the clothes are to be used.


The rooms are thoroughly cleaned-disinfected after departure and before arrival, paying special attention to surfaces and objects that are often touched by the hands and according to the instructions from the Ministry of Tourism.

For room departures, 2 protocols apply:

  • Regular cleaning and waiting 24 hours before the room is made available to a customer or
  • Thorough cleaning – disinfection often touched surfaces and bathroom surfaces.

Suspicious Covid-19 case management plan

If a visitor meets the Covid-19 case definition criteria, the following applies:

  • The health manager of the hotel communicates directly with EODY at 1135 for a report of the suspected case and instructions for dealing with it.
  • It is recommended for the suspect to stay in his room with the room door closed.
  • Cooperation with 24h Medicare 11399 in case the client requests.

Covid-19  booking flexibility for all new bookings

Due to Covid-19  we replaced our non refundable rates with a flexible 24-hour free cancellation policy. If your plans change, you can cancel free of charge until free cancellation expires, this policy is for bookings made through the hotels website, for partner sites please read booking conditions in each site accordingly.

Cancellation policy for existing reservations related to Coronavirus made before March 2020

Almost all bookings made prior to convid-19 lockdown in Greece  (March-20) have already been modified with future dates or cancelled, for any remaining bookings made through partner sites such as booking, expedia, hostelword  please contact partner sites, for reservations with a flexible cancellation policy of 24 -48 hours made through our website please contact us.  Last for non refundable bookings we can change your dates or give a credit for future stay at no extra cost.

Ferry boats 2021 update: Health statement form must be completed before ship embarkation process, you can do this online through the Health statement form filling covid test results and all required details.

Covid 19 cases today

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