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Environmental Policy Awareness

Environmental Policy Awareness

The Athens Psiri Hotel is situated in the heart of Athens, the capital of Greece, and is a significant tourist destination with high cultural value. The hotel takes several actions to conserve the environment, including:

The Athens Psiri Hotel takes several environment-friendly measures within its premises. These measures include:

  1. Providing information to guests about water conservation and encouraging them to avoid unnecessary water usage.
  2. Installing eco-friendly taps and mixers in basins and showers.
  3. Adjusting the water level in the toilet bowl to conserve water.
  4. Regularly checking the establishment for leaks in pipes, toilets, taps, showers, and connections.
  5. Upgrading to eco-friendly showerheads.
  6. Monitoring water usage and keeping track of the results on the water bill and meter.

Energy-saving Applications of Passive Systems

  1. Use of energy-saving LED lamps.
  2. A magnetic switch is installed to save electricity by interrupting the air conditioner’s operation when room doors or windows are open.
  3. Heat pumps installed for hotel water consumption use 60-70% less electricity than a conventional hot water system. A heat pump uses a combination of refrigeration, electricity, and the heat from the surrounding air to heat the water. This can be considered a solar solution because the heat in the air comes from the sun. Heat pumps are an efficient way to generate hot water and are classified as inverter type A++ energy category. A heat pump works by using a refrigeration cycle, similar to an air conditioning system, to extract heat from the surrounding air and transfer it to the hot water. Although it uses electricity, it is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional water heating methods.
  4. VRV air conditioning and heating systems are of the inverter type. The VRV cooling-heating system operates using refrigerant and electricity, with a smart mechanism that circulates only the minimum amount of refrigerant required according to the users’ requests. This system comes with climate control, which reduces energy consumption and delivers optimal energy savings.
  5. Room access and power activation are controlled by a magnetic card to prevent energy waste and reduce the risk of fire.
  6. Installation of luminaires with motion and presence detector in public areas-corridors.
  7. All lamps and bulbs in the building are equipped with LED lights that are highly energy-efficient.
  • Other
    1. Thermal insulation of the roof
    1. Natural building ventilation all sides of the building
    2. Air conditioning and heating by VRV refrigerant systems
    3. All rooms are with windows
    4. Hot water by heat pumps
    5. Energy saving bulbs
    6. Room cards for power activation
  • Environmental Awareness
    1. Educate staff, guests, partners, and suppliers about environmental issues.
    2. Promote the protection of natural, historical, and cultural sites.
    3. Share information on environmental programs for wildlife and natural resources.
    4. Offer recycling for paper, plastic, glass, and metal.
    5. Provide proper disposal for batteries, light bulbs, and electronic equipment.

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