Environmental policy awareness

Athens Psiri Hotel is located in the center of Athens, the largest city in Greece and is an important tourist destination with a very high historical and cultural value.

Actions of Athens Psiri Hotel inside the accommodation

  1. Saving water
  • information on not wasting water and unnecessary use of air conditioners and saving the use of light bulbs.
  1. Energy saving application of passive systems
  • building orientation on the B-N axis
  • large thickness of external masonry
  • thermal insulation of the roof
  • air conditioner traps to stop using air conditioners when they windows-doors are open
  • use of energy saving lamps
  • good ventilation
  • hot water from heat pumps inverter type
  • all rooms with windows
  • Inverter type VRV cooling and heating systems
  • Rooms use magnetic cards to save energy. Their use avoids reckless consumption of electricity and minimizes the risk of fire.
  • Installation of luminaires with motion and presence detector in public areas-corridors.
  • LED type for all lamps and bulbs in the house with high energy efficiency.

Environmental Awareness

  1. Information and public awareness (staff, visitors, partners, suppliers) Brochures
  2. Information on the Protection and Promotion of Natural, Historical and Cultural Monuments and Sites
  3. Information on environmental programs for the protection of wildlife and natural resources
  4. Application of recycled paper, plastic, glass and metal.
  5. High absorbency and low emission materials in the coating of the non-planted environment space
  6. Recycling batteries, light bulbs, electronic equipment, etc. which are received from the recycling services or we deliver to the local centers ourselves.

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Hotel Athens Psiri
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32 Sofokleous street Athens 10552, Greece
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